9th Lit: Hobnail Writing Task

Hobnail Holistic Rubric – 50 total points

Prompt: In your imaginative opinion, how will the conflict develop, climax, and resolution develop for the narrator in The Most Dangerous Game? Write the climax and denouement that completes this story! Use sensory details and storytelling techniques to complete the task!

  • A theme is obvious to the reader. __________/5 Reading points
  • My narrative’s plot includes a climax and a denouement. ___________/10 Reading points
  • My characters utilize dialogue at some point in the story. ___________/5 Writing points
  • There is a sentence that begins with an adverb (sentence pattern #4) correctly written somewhere in my story. ___________/5 Writing points
  • My story is at least three paragraphs in length. __________/15 Writing points
  • I have proofread my story and it has less than 5 grammatical errors.It also uses conversation between characters _________/10 Writing points

Brainstorms are due by the end of class on Friday, August 18th!

Rough Drafts will be check on Monday, August 21st!

Final Drats due on Friday, August 25th!

The Most Dangerous Game


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