Advanced Comp: Socratic Seminar Guiding Questions – Protest

How you will be scored for your Socratic seminar:

  1. You need to offer at least one comment to discussion throughout the course of the class period. Those who use evidence throughout the discussion will recieve extra credit.
  2. Your 20 annotations are due at the end of the period.
  3. You are responsible for notes taking notes on the best answer to each discussion questions below. They will be checked during the next notebook check.

Possible Positions:

  • Strongly Agree – Protest is the most important tool in our democracy.
  • Agree – Protest is important to our democracy, but it is imperfect.
  • Disagree – Protest can be helpful in some instances, but is largely counterproductive.
  • Strongly Disagree – Protest is completely detrimental to our society.

How would you categorize the state of protest in America? What does this tell you about priorities?

Is violence ineherently tied to protest? Is there even a difference between violence and protest?

What is the most important lesson that can be learned from examining various protests regarding recent events?

Should the government limit an individual’s right to protest or speak freely?

Is protest designed to unite or divide?

Should protest methods change given the role of technology in our everyday lives?

Does protest serve the minority or the majority? Why is this important?

Should certain public spaces be protected from protest? Why or why not?

Do protections against rights to offensive speech and imagery help or hurt the outcomes of protests? Should these rightsa be limited?

Should groups be held accountable if their protest demonstrations lead to violence? What are some compromises that could be considered?