9th Lit: Narrative Song Group Project

This project will be assessed on project completeness as well as a individual participation grade. It is worth a total of 60 points.Image result for kanye west bear

  1. Within your assigned groups, you must complete the following criteria on an infographic through easl.ly  that will be presented to the class on Thursday. Please complete the following questions in complete sentences:
  2. Diagram the plot of the narrative at the center of you poster. For each plot point (exposition, rising action, climax, and denouement), select a quote from the story that demonstrates each event (10 reading points).
  3. Explain who the protagonist, antagonist, and what the primary conflict of the narrative are (5 reading points).
  4. Somewhere on your infographic, write a slogan that represents the theme of the story. It must be one sentence, teach a lesson, and be able to explain to the class (5 reading points).
  5. Include the motif of the story, an explanation of its meaning, and a picture (10 reading points).
  6. Finally, please select a company that is similar in mood to the resolution of the story. In five sentences, please explain how this company shares emotions with the end of the story (10 reading points).
  7. If you would like, you may include pictures of the artist, or even the music video!

Be ready to present your findings at the end of class on Thursday!

Student Example: