9th Lit: TEDtalk Journal Entry Archive

Once a week, students will watch an informative or persuasive TEDTalk lecture. It will be their responsibility to record a response to this lecture within their interactive notebook. If students miss these assignments, it is their responsibility to recover them. Students will receive participation points simply for attending to task. These entries will be graded at the end of Unit 2. On the next page, they are listed by date with their corresponding prompts:

October 17, 2017What does Elijah Miles do well in this presentation? What could he improve upon? Provide some criticism as if you were an audience member during this speech

October 25th, 2017: What is the purpose of this clip? What techniques does the filmmaker use to achieve their purpose?

November 11th, 2017: How does the speaker craft the style of his speech? What does he include or do in order to engage his audience?

November 11th, 2017: Do you have a “lollipop moment”? If so, what is it? If not, do you agree with Dudley’s view of leadership?



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