9th Lit: Visual Analysis Group Project

With the members of your group, please complete the following with a CEI Statement for each three domains. Be prepared to present your answers verbally with your group member.

  1. Analyze: Using three elements and three principles from class, please elaborate on the mood, theme, symbolic meaning, and purpose of the cover that your cover has been assigned.
  2. Predict: Using the cover, what does your group believe the exposition and resolution will look like?
  3. Compare and Contrast: Choose a piece of propaganda from the images on the below. Elaborate on the following questions:
    1. What elements are used differently or similarly in this image compared to your cover?
    2. What principles are used similarly or differenlty in this image compared to your cover?
    3. What does the propaganda mean? How does this compare or contrast with your cover?

Group #1: Night Cover 1

Group #2

Night Cover 2

Group #3

Night Cover 3

Group #4

Night Cover 4

Group #5

Night Cover 5

Group #6


Group #7

Night Cover 7

Group #8

Night Cover 8

Propaganda Posters


What are your thoughts?

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