Advanced Comp: Using the Feather-Circle for PreWriting

Related imageThe feather circle is designed as a pre-writing strategy where peer feedback is built-in. You will be asked to complete an extended journal entry, share your entry with your classmates, and provide feedback about their topic and method of delivery. You will receive points for remaining on task, providing good supplemental points and questions, and sharing your written work. 

1: Journal Entry – In an extended journal entry, please elaborate on the degree of value that this album has as a work of art. What does it do well? What does it lack? How would you describe the style of the album? Which tracks are strongest? Which are weakest? What is the emotional impact of the album? (15 minutes)

2: Discussion – Use the Building Connections Role Sheet to collect valuable information from your peers. You must read your journal entry to gain points for the period, as well as contribute one supplemental point to foster discussion. 

3. Reflection – Use the Album Critique Brainstorming Sheet to analyze next steps for constructing your project.


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