Advanced Comp: Understanding Comics Jigsaw Mini-Project

Step One: Be sure that you know all of the graphic novel terms provided in your previous notes. A supplemental guide to these terms can be found here.

Understanding Comics (The Invisible Art) By Scott McCloud

Step Two: Create a poster that addresses the following questions for you group’s assigned chapter. Please do so in complete sentences.

  1. What are the 3 biggest ideas of the chapter? What quotes does McCloud use to explain them? Write at least 3 sentences explaining each big idea.
  2. What three graphic novel terms are most important for this chapter?
  3.  Which individual icons, shown in this chapter, are most connected to these big ideas?
  4. Which panel is most important to your understanding of the chapter? Draw it on your poster.
  5. Thinking about the real world, choose a big idea and use a historical or popular allusion to explain it further

Due halfway through the period on Friday, December 1st, 2017.

Which concept from your chapter has most effected The Silence of Our Friends so far?


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