Advanced Comp: Personal Resume Project – Due Monday, December 11th, 2017

This project is designed to have you reflect on your personality traits, practice using appropriate diction, and build a usable resume and cover letter for their future. The criteria for the project is listed below, these must be submitted by Monday, January 23rd, 2017.

A rubric and supplemental links are provided after the jump.

Resume Project Rubric (50 points):

Content: (10 Language points) ____/10

_____ Student presents clear objective that relates to real job or internship.

_____ Student clearly states contact information.

_____ Student details work experience (if applicable), relevant activities, and skills. Student details educational experience concisely.

_____ Student details at least one reference for educational purposes.

_____ Student details real job or institution that they are interested in.

Linguistic Structure: (10 Language Points) ____/10

____ Student uses appropriate diction that conveys a respectful but ambitious tone (2.5 points).

____ Resume is organized and easy to read (2.5 points).

____ Student uses at least 5 accurate, descriptive adjectives throughout resume.

Grammar and Style: (5 Language points) _____/ 5 points

_____ student varies sentence structure throughout resume.

_____ student avoids common grammar errors.

_____ student avoids common spelling errors.

Total: ____________/25 Writing Points

External Job Listings:

Skills Profiler

Sample Resumes

Color Psychology Information

Image result for psychology of color infographic


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