9th Lit: Journal Entry Archive

Once a week, students will receive a grade for responding to a written prompt in the journal section of their interactive notebook. Students will receive a 5 point grade for writing for a full 10 minute period. Students may also be asked to share their reponses with fellow students and the rest of the class.

1/15/2018: In your opinion, what is the greatest problem that America is facing? What could we do to fix this issue? What are the issue’s consequences?

1/23/2018: What is the most difficult lesson that you have ever had to learn in your life? Why was this so difficult to learn? What occurred to finally make you learn it, and how has it effected your life since?

1/29/2018: Finish this extended simile. My school day is like a ______________________________ because…..

2/6/2018: Complete this theme and use a personal exprience or details to support your claim. In order to survive, people must _______________________________________.

2/13/2018: When you think of college, what is the first scenario that you imagine?

2/27/2018: What was the worst argument you have ever been a part of? Describe what made this situation so unique or memorable.

3/6/2018: Describe an advertisement that is particularly persuasive. Does it rely on ethos, pathos, or logos most?

3/13/2018: Free Write!

3/20/2018: Why do people fight?


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