Advanced Comp: “Consider the Lobster” – Analysis Guiding Questions

With your group members,please answer the questions below visually. Please pay close attention to what each is asking and be prepared to explain your choices. 

Consider the Lobster

Day One:

  1. Using the Google Doc Above, please leave a detailed comment on the google doc for the first page of the editorial. Answer each question using specific evidence.
    1. What is the topic of this editorial?
    2. What is the author’s emotional reaction to this topic?
    3. What kind of individual do you believe this author is? Describe his mindset, background, and culture.

Day Two:

  1. Wallace makes a point of referencing various classist symbolism throughout the text. What point is he trying to prove by doing so?
  2. Discuss the author’s tone and diction? What can be said about him and his perspective?
  3. Discuss the organization of the passage. How does he structure his argument?
  4. What strategies does the author use to build his credibility?
  5. Does Foster Wallace commit any logical fallacies while crafting this editorial? If so which one?



What are your thoughts?

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