Advanced Comp: A Good Man is Hard to Find Rubric and Word Cloud Activity

A Good Man is Hard to Find Analytic Essay Rubric

Prompt: How does the application of a critical lens change potential analysis of Things Fall Apart?

Content: (20 points) ____/20 writing points

_____ Student outlines clear claim statement (thesis) with intent of proving its claims.

_____ Student addresses prompt successfully and concisely.

_____ Student writes with attention to style and voice.

_____ Student utilizes valid points and at least 5 pieces of textual evidence to support their claims.

Structure: (20 Points) ____/20 writing points

____ Student utilizes clear and coherent structure using an introduction, body, and conclusion.

____ Student regularly connects topic sentences to thesis.

____ Student avoids beginning their essay with a question and includes inferences with each paragraph.

Grammar and Spelling: (10 points) _____/ 10 language points

_____ Paper is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

_____ Paper is free of Dead Words.

Formatting: (12 points) _____/ 12 language points

_____ Paper utilizes proper MLA Formatting and Citations.

_____ Paper includes a list of sources.

_____ Works Cited Page is drawn from at least 1textual sources.

_____ Paper is at least 3 pages long

Total: ____________/ 62Points

Word Cloud Activity:


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