Advanced Comp: Personal Collage – Style and Taste Summary

The purpose of this writing activity is to craft a discussion around your own personal style and taste. Using mixed media, it is your job to construct a visual collage that uses at least 10 images that answer the following two questions:

  1. How do you express yourself through personal style? What colors, textures, and aesthetics do you gravitate towards?
  2. What are your personal tastes? What activities, information, and artistry do you enjoy?

Detailed information about the project can be found after the jump:

Visual Component (10 points):

  • Does your collage address the questions above? (5 points)
  • Does your collage use at least 10 pieces of mixed media? (5 points)

Written Component (15 points):

  • In a complete pargraph, please answer the following prompt – In your own words, please describe the intersection of your personal style and tastes. How do your interests and forms of expression have commonalities? How do the images you have selected represent how you express yourself and your interests? Please use at one adjective below to catergorize your type of expression.

“Contemporary, Modern, Utliitarian, Ecclectic, Edgy, Trendy, Vintage, Classic Romantic, Gothic, Elegant, Bohemian, Organic, Professional, Sophisticated, Chic, Whimsy, Artistic, Casual, Understated, Vibrant, Iconic, Minimalist, Athletic, Subtle, Energetic, Grunge, Experimental, Quirky, Urban”


What are your thoughts?

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