Advanced Comp: Online Discussion Forum – Short Film Criticism

“Doodle Bug” – Christopher Nolan

“Next Floor” – Dennis Villeneuve

“Thunder Road” – Jim Cummings



58 thoughts on “Advanced Comp: Online Discussion Forum – Short Film Criticism

    • A lot of eye level on a sweaty man. the music was wired like nervous. they clip was silent expect when the phone rang and when he was hitting the ground.

    • in my opinion i felt like the character was edgy. Also, the music gives you chills because it goes along with the film. Lastly, the camera angles set the tone for the short film.

    • The short film is very strange and low quality. There was no actual plot or story being told. Also, there was a poor choice in the audio selection and camera angles.

    • I disliked this film because of the simple fact that I was confused plus the fact it was creepy. There wasn’t any context as to what was going on in the “storyline” of this short film, Not only that but it was generally creepy with the eye level camera angle, the overall set, and the general look of the character. In conclusion, being both confused and creeped out I found myself uninterested and a little disgusted

    • This was a very strange film because the camera angles were eye level and the music was giving me a weird feeling. This film was a basically seeming like a horror movie there was not talking just bubbles from the phone being in the water and you could hear the shoe slamming onto the floor as he hit the man. I describe this film as being a little off because the man seems like he was trapped in a room trying to hurt himself.

    • It was a very weird video. I like the sound effects that it had and also the angles in the video. The only thing I disliked about the video was the black and white color.

    • I didn’t hate it but I also did not like it. it was very weirdly creative. It used sound and camera angles to give the audience a nervous feeling. It was also silent and you only heard the objects which made me uneasy, It was a lot of eye level except in the very end when he finds the “bug” and birds eye is shown to make the smallest seem smallest, eye level to make the regular guy regular and worm’s eye to make the normal guy seem small with the guy behind him.

    • I feel like there is a deeper meaning to it but overall it was weird and gave me chills and kind of surprised me because I didn’t expect that ending at first. Although when I saw the little man of the character I caught on then to what was going to happen last, but I honestly kind of liked it because of how it made me feel it kept me engaged.

    • The music was like a horror movie intro, spooky and mysterious. You could hear the footsteps as if you were there, and squeaky animal sounds as if he was the animal. I didn’t really like it, because you can tell it’s fake and it was too dark/edgy for me.

    • “Doodlebug” was an uninteresting film. The acting seemed fake and forced. The mise-en-scene of the setting was dirty and disturbing.

    • The film is strange. The camera was at a straight shot the actor and that was weird. The music was an uncomfortable feeling. The diegetic sound like the shoe, clock, and the bubble was random and did not make sense.

    • I didnt like the short film, i thought it was weird because it was a lot of eye level veiws. I really couldn’t figure out what the film was about until the end when he was trying to catch his self and a bigger version of him caught the medium size him. I was just lost i didnt make any sense to me🤔🤔.

    • The sounds they weren’t on “pace” with the actual film and it had a couple of different camera angles ex. eye level. the music was and the film was kind of weird itself.

    • My criticism on Doodlebug is that the film was very strange. I disliked the short film because there was no sound, it was black and white and it didn’t grab my attention. The music made you nervous that went with the movie structure but it was still weird.

    • The music he uses in the film is really wierd and can make a person really anxious. The good thing about this film is that he really uses the camera angles to his advantage. He really uses High and Straight angles a lot. I did not like this film because i did’ent understand what he was trying to do and why he is doing the things he is doing.

    • In most part of the film, the camera angle was eye angle. there was no talking. an anxious movie playing and sounds like foot stamps and shoe on the floor could be heard. this movie makes you feel. it definitely edgy and it made me confused and i was like what was going on

    • the film was creepy and had no meaning to it. i didn’t like it or dislike because i wasn’t sure what was going on. it has alot of eye level camera shot. there was only music playing in the background and sound could be heard.

    • The very beginning grabbed my attention with the nice close up as soon as the film started. Along with the other well-constructed angles through the entire 11 minutes. The choice of music best suited the film. Yet, I am not intrigued by the lack of dialogue. The overall film is okay.

    • this short film is also incredibly weird and the camera angles really make the character look very intense. Even after falling through the ceiling they still continued to eat like nothing happened. the people are incredibly weird and the keep eating even after falling a couple stories. wouldn’t watch again

    • The music really caught my attention. Why was everyone earing so fast. This film was kind of disturbing, the people that were earing fell through the floor and had parts of the celling in there food and continued to eat🤢. I did not like this film

    • in the short film “Next Floor” in the beginning the man with the bald head definitely had connect with the camera (eye level). it almost made you feel as if it was a competition but then it got weirder. They fall through the floor and they all act as if its normal then they eat again this film is definitely weird. Then the music every time they fall it is a really awkward music choice it doesn’t fit the film.

    • I hated this one, it was very very disturbing. They made the food look and sound very gross. I found it very disturbing that they brought out entire animals like deer. There were no words besides “Next Floor” the rest of the sounds were people chewing and slurping and their forks and knives clanging. I was also very confused how do they keep going. When they showed the room with the lights it looked like a basement, like the last floor but they kept going.

    • “Next floor” was weird, disgusting, and funny. They did the right close-ups on the food, cutting, and eating to make it disgusting, and still funny. The falling through the floor made it funnier and the eye level close-ups of the lady eating and laughing like it was fun.

    • I found this clip disgusting and intimidating especially when the camera was up close in his face and you had to stare in his eyes. It was interesting and it kept making my mood change based on the music. Overall it was good and had a good message of not to be glutenous not only with food but money too. I enjoyed it.

    • This film really got your attention because there was a lot of camera angles and there was a lot of diegetic sounds and it was very nasty. I also thought it was a disturbing film because they were eating animals that were killed but not cooked, it seems like they haven’t eaten in days the way they were eating. The camera angles were somewhat good, there were some eye level and high angles. I found it very disturbing that they keep falling through the floor a couple times. There was a lot of bird eyes and up close angles on the people.

    • that clip was weird. the food looks NASTY as heck. who would wanna eat a lion? they did not stop eating that nasty food. they were eating hearts like wthattt?????? the camera angle was eye level. the music was going hard so when they fell through the floor it would make a loud beat.

    • In the short film of “Next Floor” eyeshot and slowly maneuvers out on the characters face they take a high shot to show the food people eating very rapidly they added great sound effects of the people eating.The staging was great costumes described their high class. As they eat and eat they fall down to a lower floor, and the waiters follow and even clean them. Their bird’s eye shots where correctly used and even closen up to individuals at the table. I clearly see the message it gives me with empowerment and how others view the high class. I think this is a great short film that emphasizes what truly occurs in society.

    • the sound of the film was very descriptive. Also, the repetition of the table falling through the floor are showing that the people are high class due to the amount of floors and the amount of food that was in the place that they were at. where the film took place and the way the people were dressed shows that the place gives a Gothic feel to it . in my opinion, i feel that the film was disturbing and i wouldn’t watch it again.

    • the film is weird. the actors, the setting, and the props were the main thing to pop out. but the setting sound and lighting kept pushing it more to feel uncomfortable.

    • the film kept me at the edge of my sist because i was wondering what was going to happen. the film had birds eye camera angle. the film was supposed to gross the audience out and it did by showing what they were eating (uncooked meat) and how they were looking at each other.

    • the film overall was kind of weird and disgusting because they fall down to the next floor and they keep eating just like if nothing happened and they fall again and keep eating. After falling thru the floor had wood on their food from the floor just fell from. and the most disturbing part was the food.

    • Well first thing first the point of this film was to disgust the audience and let me tell you they succeed. I did’ent like this film because the film was to dark and i could’ent see that well. Also they used a lot of Non-diegetic sound, they over exaggerated with the cutting of the meat and they sounded like they eat like animals.

    • The next floor is very edgy, it was very disturbing to watch. They ate like savages and kept stuffing their self after they were full. They kept eating so much food, putting more food out on the table which caused them to keep falling through the floors. But it was surprisingly uncomfortable to watch that everybody kept eating after they were falling through the floor. The bird’s eye angle help shows the creepy setting and the music made it funny. I don’t like this film and I wouldn’t watch it again.

    • the video started off all nice and calm with a wide view of everything. he seems like he is trying to be sincere and is describing his mother. now he is just talking about himself. it seems like he is starting to get very sad and is about to cry. this movie is so incredibly stupid.they are zooming in on his face the sadder and sadder he gets. started singing a really weird song.

    • This film started off in a funeral james was very fidgety. He was trying to be seeious but then he said something funny. This made me emotional but it was funny at the same time. I really liked this film.

    • in the short film “Thunder Road” was very odd in the beginning and awkward he would cry and then laugh I really couldn’t take him seriously. this film had (eye level, canted ) in my opinion he definitely was taking this for a joke I don’t like this film. I’m really confused and I’m pretty sure the people in the film is confused as well. but it sounded like he used so Psychoanalytic analysis.

    • This was so funny, it was very chaotic which made it so funny. There were no non-diegetic sounds. The mise-en-scene made it even funnier because of things the cop was saying. I also found it very sweet because he had all good intentions. The acting and small details were very important to the comedy of it. The man in the front recording, the lady’s reaction, and his own reaction were all very fitting for the comedy of this not so comedic scenario.

    • in my opinion i fell the film is funny. the plot twist was very interesting because although the film takes place at a funeral the main character gives a funny side towards the film. in addition, when the camera started zooming in it gave it a more dramatic twist to the film. lastly, when the cop switches his subjects around it made the film even funnier.

    • This clip was funny and awkward because of the acting and music. It made me want to watch the whole movie. Every camera angle was good and captured the funny moments,

    • Thunder Road was a funny short clip, from the beginning the son comes in dressed in his worked clothes, someone wouldn’t do that at their actual mothers funeral, staging was okay I feel like the setting should have been filmed outside just to make it funnier. It gives them more space to birds eye even if I wasn’t used as much. There was not much music during the clip just the son babbling about unnecessary things and getting out of topic. When he puts his mother’s song he starts to dance and we even catch a person filming him. He completely embarrasses himself with his wife and daughter there he even scared her.I personally think it was funny and sweet.

    • This film was supposed to be sad because the setting was at the funeral. The cop made the film surprisingly funny because he called the dead women a B**** who died from a disease and who is also his mother. Then they taped him from a low angle while he was trying to sing along. I thought that it was sweet that he started dancing because his mom was a dance teacher. He was also hard to read, plus the audience seemed to have no emotion.The film caught my attention and I enjoyed it.

    • This Film was good it was funny and sad at the same time. I liked it because it used a lot of different camera angles. It mostly used straight angle shots also the lighting in this film was great for the setting they were in. It used High key lighting. I liked the film even though it was a wierd film.

    • This film was emotional and some what funny because he was acting like he didn’t know what to say or do while up there. This man was making a fool of himself at a funeral dancing and singing at the same time. The camera angle was eye level and the sounds were interesting. This film was very emotional to him because his mother passed. It was funny and strange, there was a man filming him the girl was looking at him like he was crazy acting like that at a funeral.

    • In the beginning, this film had mixed emotions and the motion of camera creates this kinda feeling of empathy but after some time it became hilarious.he was not prepared for his mother’s funeral because he wore his work clothing on that day and his speech was kinda awkward.

  1. My criticism on doodlebug is that it’s very weird but in a way interesting. The music and the sound effects, as well as the special effects, had a weird and interesting twist. The camera angles complemented the setting.

  2. The short film doodle bug beginnings with a closed and colorless setting, which gave the audience a strange feeling. I assume that is how the character feels aswell terrified and confused. The man is sweaty and very anxious about someting. The producer does make the audience feel the same. It was not pleasing to me, however, it did keep me wondering why he’s fighting with himself.

  3. the short film “Doodlebug” was weird. But it did have camera angles (eye level, and bird eye) but this film was really weird it makes you think whats happening. It leaves the audience thinking what would happen next and it would make them confused.

  4. in the short film “Next Floor” in the beginning the man with the bald head definitely had connect with the camera (eye level). it almost made you feel as if it was a competition but then it got weirder. They fall through the floor and they all act as if its normal then they eat again this film is definitely weird. Then the music every time they fall it is a really awkward music choice it doesn’t fit the film.

  5. I thought that it was really weird to watch, but also eye-catching.They were eating dead animals which creeped me out. But I liked the concept of how people will follow others even if it’s out of their league. Many camera angles were shot as in bird’s eye & worm’s eye when they kept falling through the ceiling.

  6. This film is generally shocking. It’s really sad to watch the dead mother’s son start out strong or try to be, then watch him fall apart slowly and then immediately fall to pieces. Even during his routine, he was barely keeping it together. I’m honestly at a loss for words for how sad this is. The Dance that was supposed to be comedic just made his situation sadder.The only thing that I question is the relationship with the daughter outside of this situation and why they ended with him staring at her as she ignores him. Overall, good film, sad plot and just a real trip of a film.

  7. This movie scene is funny and sad. I liked it. It had high key lighting. It had eye level angles. They zoom in on the type of radio he bought and how he struggled to play the song. Also, they used a close up when he was crying to show the emotion. They used a wide angle shot when he was dancing which made it funnier again.

  8. In the short film thunder road, I thought it was humorous. But also heartfelt, he dances because his mother was a dance teacher, and speaks very highly of her. Even though he said that he wasn’t the best kid towards his mom. Because they don’t usually have a special person having a word at a funeral. It had a lot of camera angles but the most used one was the straight angle.

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