9th Lit: Unit 1 Word Associations


Using the list of words below, and this website,  please complete the following activity.

Detailed instructions are after the jump. Be prepared to present your project!


1. Please define each term in your own words.

2. In the second column, record a noun that you believe reminds you of the term’s meaning, but does appear in the definition.

3. Select the word and association that you believe is most memorable. Illustrate that association visually on a blank sheet of paper, print the term on the front, and pin it to the Word Wall at the back of the room!

Word List

Alliteration, Assonance, Connotation, Consonance, Denotation, Lacerated, Diction, Flashback, Hyperbole, Imagery, Inferences, Metaphor, Narrative, Narrator, Poetry, Prose, Simile, Syntax, Tone, Understatement, Voice


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