9th Lit: Pre-Reading Digital Quickwrite

On youImage result for deserted island far sider personal blog, please complete the quickwrite below:

Prompt: You were ecstatic when you learned that you had won a sweepstakes offering a free 10-day trip to Fiji. In the months leading up to your island vacation, you thought deeply about the necessary supplies. It was so hard to wait those long weeks until the trip finally arrived.

However, you never made it to your luxurious island getaway. Nearly two hundred miles from the island your aircraft experienced catastrophic engine failure and plummeted into the Pacific Ocean. You were the only survivor who managed to swim their way to a deserted atoll where you remain, alone.

During your weeks of preparation you chose a single, special item to bring with you on your journey to Fiji. What item did you bring? How will this help you survive until rescue arrives? How will it help you if help never arrives?

Bonus: Insert an image of your item onto your post by using the “+ Add” button!



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