9th Lit: “Defining Style” Unit Vocabulary Memory Aide

I think we all agree that test-taking is a difficult process. In order to combat some of these issues, we will be creating memory aides to help you out during instances when you get stuck. These memory aides will be posted around the room and serve as reminders throughout class time. They will also serve as a review of prior knowledge for literary devices.

  1. Select a vocabulary term from the list below:
  • Symbol, Figurative Language, Literal Language, Irony, Allusion, Tone, Situational Irony, Daramatic Irony, Verbal Irony, Biography, Autobiography, Main Idea, Mood, Claim, Counterclaim, Rhetorical Appeals, Logos, Pathos, Ethos, Theme
  1. Using a piece of construction paper, complete the following on the back:
  • Print the definition of your literary term (5 points – language).
  1. On the front of your construction paper, complete the following:
  • Neatly, please print your first and last name (5 points writing)
  • Print three keywords from the definition in the area surrounding the symbol (5 points – Speaking and Listening)
  • Neatly (and preferably largely) draw a symbol you have chosen that represents one of the keywords from your definition (5 points – Writing)
  • Write three original examples that demonstrates the use of this term. (5 points – writing)

Bonus: Include examples that feature characters from The Most Dangerous Game and The Cask of Amontillado receive extra credit.

scared chris farley GIF


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