9th Literature: Personality Post – Due Monday, January 14th, 2019.

The project below is designed to reflect on the impact of your personality test and make sure you are accustomed to using and posting on Microsoft 365.

Project Total – 20 writing points:

  1. Please title the post with the four – letter abbreviation of your personality type (ex. ENFJ) (2 points).
  2. In a complete paragraph, please choose an animal and explain how that animal symbolically represents your personality. How does this animal embody one of your strengths? How does it embody your weaknesses? (5 points – 1 per sentence)
  3. Choose an image of your animal from a search engine and insert it into your post (3 points).
  4. In a complete paragraph, please answer the following question: Based on the results of your Meyers-Briggs and Multiple Intelligence surveys, if you could design a classroom to fit only your personality, what would it look like? If you had ultimate freedom to create your own learning environment, what would you include to fit your needs (10 points – 1 per sentence)?


The animal that symbollically represents my personal type is a Sea Otter. Sea Otters live in groups and are very social creatures. They are known for their playfulness, which deeply represents my ability to meet and communicate with others. However, these animals are often known for their laziness as well. Often, I struggle to make difficult decisions just like otters have difficulty choosing between whether to just float around in the ocean or hunt for food.

Sea Otter GIF

If I could construct my own classroom, it would be functional, open, and comfortable. Music is important to my personal comfort, so I would include a great speaker system to play instumentals and lo-fi beats for studying. Having natural light and access to the outdoors would help maximize my ability to learn. It would be incredible to have an entire wall of windows, or even a garage door that I could open so I could easily go outside to work or let a clean breeze blow through. Flourescent lights hurt my eyes, so seeing the sun as much as possible would make me more productive. Finally, instead of classic desks, I would rather have large tables with wheels on their legs with matching comfortable chairs. Organizing and rearranging a classroom brings me a lot of satisfaction. I would also enjoy having many different options pertaining to how to arrange the room. Finally, I would also make sure to have my walls colorfully painted so tbe room would be inviting and lively.


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