9th Lit: Irony & The Cask of Amontillado MindMap Project

With your group, you will be in charge of creating a mindmap using Canva.com to present information about The Cask of Amontillado and uses of irony in popular media. Please follow the instructions below to create your group’s project.

Part I: Mind Map – Use the instructions below to create a similar style project!

Mind Map Prompt: Using your own knowledge of popular media (film, television, music, or literature) please detail an example of situational irony, verbal irony, and dramatic irony that you have viewed.

Feel free to theme your project around a particular series, film, or artist!

Employees Board of Directors.png

Part II: Constructed Response – Craft a response to the following prompt that uses evidence. Your group will present this information with your project!

Using the details from the text, explain how Edgar Allan Poe develops the narrative using irony. Provide evidence to prove your claims!


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