9th Lit: The Cask of Amontillado Small Group Review

Within a small group, please achieve the following tasks to review our reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado.  To do so, review the written text of The Cask of Amontillado on pages 131-136 in your SpringBoard text.


  1. Explain the story’s theme. How does it connect to a specific motif?
  2. Answer questions 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9 from pages  136 – 137 of your SpringBoard Textbook.
  3. Using the images below, please explain how each piece of artwork demonstrates a particular use of irony:
"The Far Side" by Gary Larson.

Comic #1

"The Far Side" by Gary Larson.

Comic #2

"The Far Side" by Gary Larson. Never did buy that other story. ...

Comic #3

Your daily Far side comics.

Comic #4

Be prepared to present!

10 thoughts on “9th Lit: The Cask of Amontillado Small Group Review

  1. 1. this comic is ironic cause the man was trying to kill beavers but the beavers cut down the tree to kill them before they got to them.
    3.this comic is ironic because the man put the chi9nese handcuffs on and he couldn’t get them off cause they got stuck and he couldn’t do noting.
    4. this comic is ironic because when a witch says they got a kid in the oven that means they are killing a
    kid but they are really pregnant.
    Cerenity, Zyonne, Dakalynn, Yara

  2. comic #1 : he set up a trap for animals and bears and ending up getting caught in it himself
    comic #2 : they got on a tourist boat to look at the fish and the fishes ended up looking at them instead
    comic #3: Houdini is known for being an amazing magician and one of his tricks finally got to him . You wouldn’t expect for Chinese handcuffs to be Houdinis downfall
    comic #4: instead of having an actual kid in the oven, one of the whiches actually ” has one in the oven” . shes genuinely pregnant

    drique , alik , kenia , kayla

  3. my thoughts on the first comic is that the bever hunter was trying to kill the bever but the a tree fell on him rebecca,benjamin,jadrain.

  4. Comic #3: You wouldn’t expect the best magician to ever live to get stuck on a simple trap.
    Comic #1 The detective tried to set up a beaver trap but instant karma happened and the tree that the beaver was chewing fell on him.
    Comic #2 The people were in a boat with a glass bottom to observe the fish but instead of them observing the fish, the fish are observing them.
    Comic #4 Instead of saying she was pregnant she said she used a metaphor saying she “had one in the oven” and the other Witch took her seriously because they literally eat kids.
    – Gevena, Zachary, Isai, Benjamin

  5. The way comic #1 is ironic is that the beaver was making a beaver trap but he got kill by a tree that fell on him that another beaver bit.
    comic #3 is ironic becuase he was a magician and he got killed my chinese handcuffs and that was his greaest escape.
    Janet Macias

  6. 1.the guy was trying to trap the beaver but instead, he gets trapped by the animal.
    2.the boat is sunk to the bottom and now the fishes are looking down at the fisherman instead of them.
    4.the two characters are witches and they are stereotyped for eating and baking kids but in this case the witch is really pregnant.


  7. #2 its ironic becsause hes taking tours at the bottom of the ocean. and then they boat crashes and they stay down there staring through the glass
    #3 famous magican couldnt get out of the easiest escape
    #4 witches are ussualy known to cook children so she assumed instead of being pregnant she was eating a kid.


  8. 2. Houdini’s Final Undoing – This symbolizes Irony because he thought he could escape the chinese
    Finger Trap but he didn’t And died
    1. Beaver Trap- This is Irony Because he thought he was gonna catch the beaver but the tree fell on him and killed him

  9. sofie, amla, Yolanda
    comic 1: Is ironic because he made a beaver trap and he died.
    comic 3: Is ironic because he died trying to figure out Chinese handcuffs.

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