9th Lit: Persuasive Essay Rubric and Resources

Part 1: With the members of your group, please analyze your assigned rubric and answer the questions below on the front of your poster. You will need team members in the following roles:

Driver     Recorder     Reader    Reporter

Argumentative Rubric

Informational Rubric

Narrative Rubric

  1. How many points is your writing scored out of?
  2. Look at the highest scoring section on your rubric. Which subpoint is most important for you to be successful on this task?
  3. What skills from class this semester are important you to be successful?
  4. What minor issues could you get away with on this task and still get a good score.

Part 2: With your group, please select a mystery prompt and analyze it using the Issue-Task-Audience Method below. Record your findings on the back of your poster.

Mystery Prompt 1

Mystery Prompt 2

Mystery Prompt 3

Mystery Prompt 4

Analyzing a writing prompt (1)


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