9th Lit: Media Monday #6 – Romeo and Juliet Summary Analysis

Choose one of the prompts below and use the animate summary to inform your writing.

Option 1
Romeo and Juliet are protagonists who change over the course of the play. Choose either Romeo or Juliet and write a well-developed constructed response that explains the character’s development, noting the change between their behavior at the beginning of the play in contrast to his or her behavior at the end of the play.

Option 2
Dramatic irony is a constant motif (pattern) in Romeo and Juliet. In a well-written constructed-response explain an example of dramatic irony from the play.

Option 3
In the Prologue, Shakespeare calls Romeo and Juliet “star-crossed lovers” (lovers destined for an unhappy ending). In a well-written constructed-response explain how Fate could be blamed for the unhappy ending of Romeo and Juliet.

Option 4
Traditionally adults are supposed to be responsible and reliable forces that can help guide young people into making sound and rational choices. In a well-developed constructed response explain how one or more of the adults in this play fails to meet this responsibility.

What are your thoughts?

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