9th Lit: Hobnail Writing Task

Hobnail Holistic Rubric – 100 points

Prompt: Using sensory details, write an alternate ending for the narrative. Be sure to use imagery to illustrate the story’s primary theme. 

  • A theme is obvious to the reader.
  • My narrative’s plot includes a climax and a denouement.
  • My story is at least three paragraphs in length.
  • I use imagery and figurative language to construct my narrative.
  • I have proofread my story and it has less than 5 grammatical errors.
  • My story opens with a compound or complex sentences that uses an adverb to describe action.

Writing Assignments is due typed and shared to Mr. Rossi by the end of class on 3/11!

The Most Dangerous Game PPT

The Most Dangerous Game Guiding Questions

The Most Dangerous Game

narrative writing 4 point rubric.png


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