9th Lit: Night Final Quiz Prompt

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Advanced Comp: Album Critique Project

Written Criteria (35 writing points):

  • The student’s criticism must be at least 3 paragraphs in length (12 points).
  • Article must include a distinct paragraph arrangement that guides the audience’s reading and thinking about the album (5 points).
  • Article must include a distinct opinion of the work’s overall artistic value (3 points).
  • Article must include two MLA styled quotes to back opinions and prove research (5 points).
  • Article must include at least two MLA Works Cited Page Entries (5 points).
  • Criticism is between 500 and 1200 words.

Language Criteria (15 Language Points):

  • Article must be grammatical clean (5 points).
  • Article must not use any Dead Words (5 points).
  • Article must capture the wider picture of the album’s significance, be written engagingly, and add personal style to the topic (5 points)

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Advanced Comp: Using the Feather-Circle for PreWriting

Related imageThe feather circle is designed as a pre-writing strategy where peer feedback is built-in. You will be asked to complete an extended journal entry, share your entry with your classmates, and provide feedback about their topic and method of delivery. You will receive points for remaining on task, providing good supplemental points and questions, and sharing your written work. 

1: Journal Entry – In an extended journal entry, please elaborate on the degree of value that this album has as a work of art. What does it do well? What does it lack? How would you describe the style of the album? Which tracks are strongest? Which are weakest? What is the emotional impact of the album? (15 minutes)

2: Discussion – Use the Building Connections Role Sheet to collect valuable information from your peers. You must read your journal entry to gain points for the period, as well as contribute one supplemental point to foster discussion. 

3. Reflection – Use the Album Critique Brainstorming Sheet to analyze next steps for constructing your project.

9th Lit: Coraline Extra Credit

Image result for coralineDue by Friday, October 27th, 2017. Please follow the instructions below to complete the assignment.

Using the principles and elements of art that we discussed in class, please craft an original piece of artwork that captures your impressions of the mood, tone, symbolism, and themes detailed in the book. To complete the assignment, please be sure that you complete the following:

  • Include the use of at least three elements and discuss their connection to the story’s mood, tone, symbolism, or theme in a paragraph response.
  • Include the use of at least three principles and discuss their connection to the story’s mood, tone, symbolism, or theme in a paragraph response.
  • Create original artwork (either digital or analog) that is creative and completed neatly.

9th Lit: Visual Analysis Group Project

With the members of your group, please complete the following with a CEI Statement for each three domains. Be prepared to present your answers verbally with your group member.

  1. Analyze: Using three elements and three principles from class, please elaborate on the mood, theme, symbolic meaning, and purpose of the cover that your cover has been assigned.
  2. Predict: Using the cover, what does your group believe the exposition and resolution will look like?
  3. Compare and Contrast: Choose a piece of propaganda from the images on the below. Elaborate on the following questions:
    1. What elements are used differently or similarly in this image compared to your cover?
    2. What principles are used similarly or differenlty in this image compared to your cover?
    3. What does the propaganda mean? How does this compare or contrast with your cover?

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9th Lit: TEDtalk Journal Entry Archive

Once a week, students will watch an informative or persuasive TEDTalk lecture. It will be their responsibility to record a response to this lecture within their interactive notebook. If students miss these assignments, it is their responsibility to recover them. Students will receive participation points simply for attending to task. These entries will be graded at the end of Unit 2. On the next page, they are listed by date with their corresponding prompts:

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