9th Lit: Media Monday #1 – Argumentative Writing and Introduction to CEI

Throughout the semester, students from Mr. Rossi’s 9th Grade Literature class will be
charged with examining various pieces of informational media in order to stay updated with world news, formulate opinions based on real events, and begin examining for bias.


Today’s Prompt: Which person or group’s perspective was most fully developed in this article? Use details from the article to explain this person or group’s perspective on the situation.

Today’s Article


9th Literature: Personality Post – Due Tuesday, January 16th, 2016.

The project below is designed to reflect on the impact of your personality test and make sure you are accustomed to using and posting on your blog. It is important that you can navigate either the app or desktop version of WordPress because you will using it often.

Project Total – 20 writing points:

  1. Please title the post with the four – letter abbreviation of your personality type – ex. ENFJ (2 points).
  2. In a complete paragraph, please choose an animal and explain how that animal symbolically represents your personality. How does this animal embody one of your strengths? How does it embody your weaknesses (5 points – 1 per sentence)?
  3. Choose an image of your animal from a search engine and insert it into your post (3 points).
  4. In a complete paragraph, please answer the following question: Based on the results of your Meyers-Briggs and Multiple Intelligence surveys, if you could design a classroom to fit only your personality, what would it look like? If you had ultimate freedom to create your own learning environment, what would you include to fit your needs (10 points – 1 per sentence)?

9th Lit and Advanced Comp: Time Capsule – Setting Goals

Each semester, Coach Rossi has his students set goals regarding their academic performance for his class. Around mid-semester, his class digs up their capsules and uses them to refresh their memories about what they wanted to achieve at the beginning. Please write a brief letter that considers the following questions:

  • What academic mistakes would you like to avoid this semester?
  • Are their any social goals you would like to meet this year?
  • What successes from last year would you like to build upon this year?
  • How do you see yourself contributing to the Pebblebrook community this year?

When you have finished, see Coach so you can seal your capsule.