9th Lit: Animal Farm Webquest

Using the web links below, please complete the webquest you have been provided with to build a deeper understanding of the subtextual information that inspired Animal Farm.

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Advanced Comp: Film Critique Exemplars

Within your group, please achieve the following tasks using your selected critique:

  1. Summarize the critique’s opinion in a singular sentence.
  2. List any filmmaking techniques that are raised in the critique.
  3. Select three key quotes from the writing and explain their significance.
  4. Gauge your group’s interest and write a statement whether this critique persuaded you to watch the film or not.
  5. Based on the answers above, score the critic’s writing on a scale of 1-5. Why do you feel like this criticism was strong, average, or weak?
  6. Watch a trailer for the film online. Does your group agree with the critic’s assessment?

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Advanced Comp: Personal Collage – Style and Taste Summary

The purpose of this writing activity is to craft a discussion around your own personal style and taste. Using mixed media, it is your job to construct a visual collage that uses at least 10 images that answer the following two questions:

  1. How do you express yourself through personal style? What colors, textures, and aesthetics do you gravitate towards?
  2. What are your personal tastes? What activities, information, and artistry do you enjoy?

Detailed information about the project can be found after the jump:

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Advanced Comp: MLA Formatting Guide

Please use the information below to complete your works cited page and parenthetical citations.

For every quote or paraphrase used in your essay, please include this citation after the quotation ends but before the period.

The author states, “The old lady settled herself comfortably, removing her white cotton gloves and putting them up with her purse on the shelf in front of the back window,” (O’Connor).

For your works cited page, please use the following entry. You may copy and paste it directly into your essay from here.

O’Connor, Flannery. A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Faber & Faber, 2016, xroads.virginia.edu/~drbr/goodman.html.
season 2 procrastination GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

9th Lit: Spring Break Constructed Response

Please complete the following writing assignment on your personal blog. Keep in mind expectations regarding response length and organization:

How does William Shakespeare develop a theme about love in Sonnet 147? Use details from the text to support your points.

Sonnet 147: My love is as a fever, longing still


My love is as a fever, longing still

For that which longer nurseth the disease,

Feeding on that which doth preserve the ill,

Th’ uncertain sickly appetite to please.

My reason, the physician to my love,

Angry that his prescriptions are not kept,

Hath left me, and I desperate now approve

Desire is death, which physic did except.

Past cure I am, now reason is past care,

And frantic-mad with evermore unrest;

My thoughts and my discourse as madmen’s are,

At random from the truth vainly expressed:

For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright,

Who art as black as hell, as dark as night.

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Advanced Comp: A Good Man is Hard to Find Rubric and Word Cloud Activity

A Good Man is Hard to Find Analytic Essay Rubric

Prompt: How does the application of a critical lens change potential analysis of Things Fall Apart?

Content: (20 points) ____/20 writing points

_____ Student outlines clear claim statement (thesis) with intent of proving its claims.

_____ Student addresses prompt successfully and concisely.

_____ Student writes with attention to style and voice.

_____ Student utilizes valid points and at least 5 pieces of textual evidence to support their claims.

Structure: (20 Points) ____/20 writing points

____ Student utilizes clear and coherent structure using an introduction, body, and conclusion.

____ Student regularly connects topic sentences to thesis.

____ Student avoids beginning their essay with a question and includes inferences with each paragraph.

Grammar and Spelling: (10 points) _____/ 10 language points

_____ Paper is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

_____ Paper is free of Dead Words.

Formatting: (12 points) _____/ 12 language points

_____ Paper utilizes proper MLA Formatting and Citations.

_____ Paper includes a list of sources.

_____ Works Cited Page is drawn from at least 1textual sources.

_____ Paper is at least 3 pages long

Total: ____________/ 62Points

Word Cloud Activity:


9th Lit: Shakespearean Sonnet Project

Notes: Sonnets

Point Value: 30 points in the writing domain.

Due Date: Monday, March 19th.

Criteria: Your sonnet must have all of the following criteria.

  • Must describe an ironic situation (4 points).
  • Must satisfy the criteria for a Shakespearean Sonnet (12 points).
    • 14 lines
    • Proper Rhyme Scheme – ABABCDCDEFEFGG
    • Iambic Pentameter – 10 syllables per line
  • Must include at least 3 of the following pieces of figurative language. Please make these devices stand out (12 points).
    • Alliteration
    • Onomatopoeia
    • Metaphor
    • Simile
    • Allusion
    • Personification
    • Imagery
    • Oxymoron
    • Pun
    • Hyperbole
  • Must be typed on blog (2 points)