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After previewing the articles below, craft a post that states your opinion on the question below:

“Can money truly but a person happiness?” Use the links in your Notebook to formulate your opinion!

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  1. I think money can buy happiness because once you have everything you want, you’ll be happy and won’t have any worries as long as you dont become a bad person, or greedy.

    • It may be able to buy you happiness, not not in the long run, like you said, “as long as you don’t become a bad person, or greedy”. I feel that if you have to have a but or an or, the opinion isn’t 100% concrete.

      • Well, I feel like it depends on the person. To many people, money can help them move up in life and it could solve all their problems.

        • The more money you have, the more problems. More bills, more responsibilities. If you have a LOT of money, you might have people trying to take it from you.

        • Your right it does depend on the person becuase if i got money i feel i would always be happy but someone might feel otherwise.

      • I mean, yeah, you have a point, but that doesn’t apply to all people. What about those who are struggling and have huge dreams.. or maybe those who have bills piling up? Maybe not achieving those dreams, or their struggles, and even their bills are making them.. possibly.. depressed(?) Money can easily get rid of those problems.

    • “The 2010 study tested from both experienced and evaluative well-being. And though it found that experienced well-being plateaued at $75,000, it also showed that evaluative well-being increased as income increased, even beyond that $75,000 mark.” according to Money Actually Can Buy happiness.

      • But in that same sense, if there is a chance to make more money then you are not going to just settle for 75,000 dollars a year. It’s normal for a person to want money and that’s okay no a lot of people are going settle for just 75,000 dollars if there is a chance you can potentially make more then that.

    • If you have every thing in life what will you do when you get bored. There is not a lot of things you can do because you already done everything

      • Have you ever seen anyone bored on a jet ski? Nope. That’s because they’re really fun. However, you need a certain amount of money in order to enjoy that activity.

        • You can do all the activities you want with the money you have, but are you truly happy? What about the bills you have to pay, all the stacked up responsibilities. You may be happy with all that money but it’s also very stressful.

          • I see your point, Zack. However, doesn’t a higher income alleviate some of those headaches? For instance, if you’ve got more money in your pocket, doesn’t the stress over whether or not you can pay or your bills, keep your house, or feed your family naturally decrease?

            In my opinion, the stress of paying the mortgage on your second or third home is much less than someone who is worrying about keeping their only roof over their head.

  2. Money can bring you a lot of thing’s but when your dealing with money your not going to just get one think for example you get happiness right but are you really happy or did you just get something that you thought was going to be good. But can also make your life hard. For example In the poem Walter wanted to spend the money on a shop because he thought it was going to make him happy but it just made his life hard because he lost all the money. Another example is when Walters mom bought the house they were happy but it also came with problems so ya money can buy you happiness but are you going to stay happy for what come with it

    • Ray,
      Do you believe that the family won’t get any happiness from their move to the new neighborhood? Because the play certainly ends on a happier tone, and it seems like they are more unified and happy as a family.

      • Ya i think they might be happy but for how long because in the end the white man said just be careful you don’t know what you are getting into. So how can you be happy if you are always looking over your back

      • They are more happier as a family because they are doing it together as a family, Understand this, money can’t buy love or happiness because you can be the most richest man on planet earth and still be a sad person and feel like you have no one, Money changes people and makes people do things out of thinking about money.

        • Ok say you are right you can buy love but that is not real love because you should not have to pay for love if you really love them. And that led’s to this question if you buy love are they in love with you or just your money.Because you can have all the love in the world for a person and they can hate you but they still there because of the money now tell me are you going to be happy if you put all this time into love for them just to want your money and the answer in no.

  3. No, Not at all. The only way that money can buy you happiness is if you are a person that can be bribed with money or you are a hard working person that wants to make money but you should never let money get in the way of who you are as a person because if you do then, you will end up doing some bad or very weird things just because there is money on the line

  4. I believe that money make you happy but not keep you happy. You can be happy when you get a lot of money but once you get used to it it doesn’t phase you as much

  5. My thoughts on can money buy you happiness is, yes and no. It depends on what type of happy you want to experience. Like do you want to experience a thrill of happiness or joy, maybe even love. Because in the artical “money can buy you happiness” it says money may buy happiness to a Certain extent. That Elon musk, one of the richest people in America has way more money then average people and isn’t much happier then anybody else. To sum up what I mean it’s that the small things matter and to experience those small things, you might need a little guwop in your pocket 😉

    • Interesting point, Tevin. However, do you think people like Elon Musk are similarly happy to other people because their money creates new problems for them, or for other reasons?

      • Like I learned from a wise person, with great power comes great responsibility. I’m pretty sure the same principle applies with us currency

  6. I feel money can buy happiness because you can be rich and basically have everything you want , as long as you do not be a dirty person i feel you will always be happy in some way. The article said earning more than $75K a year does, make you happier.

  7. daniel villanueva
    money can buy happiness people always say that money is the root of evil but that’s not true the lack of money is what makes people rob others and it creates greed and greed is the true root of all evil. When people have enough money like in the third link it said that when someone has 25 million dollars “These people don’t have to worry about whether they’ll have enough to make the mortgage payment” which is another key factor to being happy they dot have to stress about it. Stress can turn people to alcohol and drugs that are slowly killing them and even worse stress itself can kill you.

    • Daniel,
      Do you believe that having extreme amounts of money can detract from your happiness? Look at people like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, who are so absorbed in maintaining their wealth that they have gotten divorced, lost friendships, and become magnets for controversy. I don’t believe that any amount of money can solve your personal problems.

      • Michael,
        buddy this was something I wanted t add but I didn’t what they have wasn’t caused by getting money they already had it before getting all of their money it something we saw in the play walter he worked and worked until the day he got his hands on a lot of money he then became hysterical which is what some people get but not everyone so and also Mark Zuckerberg was never divorced so you whole claim is invalid

    • Not only that, but apparently rich people also stress out because of divorces, and their family leaving them, because they want a normal life, instead of getting everything they want right away. And they also need to learn about what hard work is, instead of getting spoiled because their parents are rich. Also I heard that rich people who only care about money, are the most stubborn.

  8. I think that money can’t buy you happiness, because if you buy everything you need in order to be happy, what’s the point in trying to find yourself, and not only that, but if you buy happiness what’s the point of life? Life is where you grow up, and where you find what makes you happy in the world. If you already have what makes you happy, by buying it, what’s the point of the adventure?

  9. Do I think money buys happiness? Well we’d all obviously be much happier if we had millions of dollars but, I don’t think money could necessarily buy happiness. According to the the passage It can provide for basic necessities and stability which would probably make you feel happy.

  10. i think money can buy you happiness because people that make 75k a year said it definitely makes them happy , money can buy happiness by providing necessities an stability,people that said money isn’t important said it’ll bring them happiness like those who have that lifestyle that make a lot of money,an you’ll be more satisfied with overall if money buys you happiness.

  11. i think money can buy you happiness because people that make 75k a year said it definitely makes them happy , money can buy happiness by providing necessities an stability,people that said money isn’t important said it’ll bring them happiness like those who have that lifestyle that make a lot of money,an you’ll be more satisfied with overall if money buys you happiness.

  12. i believe that money does not buy you happiness .happiness is something that you find in your self plus “more money more problems” it can also bring the worse in people “money is important for life evaluations but does nothing for happiness”.money can take you places but its only temporary you can get a a jet ski but when you get home you can your back to your problems and back the stress -sayra

    • I really like your point Sayra. Personal issues don’t just disappear because you’re wealthy. In fact, you might become a magnet for dramatic people who just want to be closer to your wealth. For example, if you’ve got enough to buy a jet ski, you’re also more likely to attract people who just want to ride that jet ski, regardless of whether they care about you or not.

  13. I feel like money can’t buy you happiness because although you can get what you want it won’t be able to solve all your problems, you might be happy in the moment but it wont last a lifetime and be there for you when you’re actually in a depressing situation. You can have money for a while but emotions always tend to change and can get the best of you. “The quality of a person’s everyday experience such as joy, fascination, anxiety, sadness, anger, and affection,” and life evaluation, “a person’s thoughts about his or her life (on a longer time scale)”.

  14. in my opinion money is the root of all evil, but money can bring you things that can make you happy . so yes money can bring happiness and whoever thinks it don’t needs to transfer it to my account

  15. Money can buy temporary happiness, that tends to be fleeting and fragile, I have come to the conclusion that happiness seems to stem from self acceptance, pursing your passions, and, loving others. money seems to irrelevant to those. Yes money can provide comforts but not happiness. How could you say that a loving healthy family that doesn’t have as much money as Jeff Bezos doesn’t have as much of a chance at happiness – gabi

  16. Money can’t buy happiness. Yes you get everything you want, pay all your bills, but you only feel happy in that moment. Money can’t solve all your problems.Money can also drive some people crazy and brings greedy people in your life. And when its all gone, everything else will be gone to.

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