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12 thoughts on “American Lit: What is the Greatest Threat Facing America? – Online Discussion Forum

  1. police brutality is what i say is the greatest threat because people are getting killed or getting really hurt and that is a big problem.

  2. I believe that prejudice is the biggest threat this country is facing. “Just as we breathe polluted air, we absorb biased attitudes and society suffers. We need to learn how to identify this pollution and reduce it.”

    • Thank you Senor Mustachio. I believe the comparison you’re making to pollution is a really appropriate one. You should definitely hold onto this quote for your project. Could you elaborate a little more on the “polluting” nature of prejudice?

  3. I personally think the pandemic is the biggest threat the country is facing. Its similar to a plague in a way because it has claimed millions of people’s lives. It even brought down the Roman Empire. “To help solve this mystery, scientists investigated ancient DNA from the teeth of 19 different sixth-century skeletons from a medieval graveyard in Bavaria, Germany, of people who apparently succumbed to the Justinianic Plague. They unambiguously found the plague bacterium Y. pestis there.,” according to Charles Q. Choi.

    • This is a great start, La’Miracle. This pandemic has certainly caused other problems within our society. Could you elaborate on some of the other problems that it is causing right now?

  4. The biggest threat this country is facing is poverty. Poverty is becoming a real big problem, especially this year due to covid-19 . People have gone through unemployment and maybe even homelessness.

  5. racism is the biggest threat in america because there have been a lot of racial experiences since forever. An example that has affected us all was the Breonna Taylor and George Floyd situatio.

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