9th Lit- Media Monday #3 – Organized Responses

(C)laim – 

(E)vidence & Explanation – 

(I)nference – 

Today’s Prompt: Using the CEI Method, please explain how the author develops the main idea of this documentary. What claim is being demonstrated and what evidence is used to support it?


9th Lit – Writing Project: Coming of Age Poetry Project

Coming of Age Poem

During this unit we have discussed many examples of Coming of Age narratives.  You will now have an opportunity to create your own work. Your assignment is to write a free verse poem about a Coming of Age moment. To begin, jot down some ideas. Then write your poem. Be sure to:

  • Consider carefully how you create line breaks and punctuation in your free verse poem (syntax).
  • Choose precise words (especially verbs) to convey this moment (diction).
  • Use specific diction and imagery to create an image in the mind of your reader.
  • Ensure that the theme which you learned in this moment is obvious to the reader.

Final poem should be 10-15 lines long written in free verse with at least two examples of imagery. 

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9th Lit: “Coming of Age” Narrative Collage

Image result for collageThe purpose of this writing activity is to craft a discussion around a specific personal experience that you will build into a narrative. Using mixed media, it is your job to construct a visual collage that uses at least 5 images that answer the following prompt:

  1. Using visual imagery, select an important event from your life that demonstrated that you were “coming of age”. What happened during that time period? How did you feel about it? What were that situation’s consequences.

Detailed information about the project can be found after the jump:

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9th Lit: Mini-Hobnail Writing Assignment

In small groups, please complete the following assignment.Image result for speak laurie halse anderson cover

Hobnail Holistic Rubric

Prompts: Choose one of the following prompts to construct your writing task:

  1. Using sensory details, rewrite the exposition of the story from the perspective of another character. Be sure to use imagery to illustrate the story’s primary theme.
  2. Using sensory details, write the narrative’s next section. Be sure to use imagery to illustrate the story’s primary theme. 
  • A theme is obvious to the reader.
  • My narrative’s plot includes a climax or an exposition.
  • My story is at least three paragraphs in length.
  • I use imagery and figurative language to construct my narrative.
  • I have proofread my story and it has less than 5 grammatical errors.
  • My story opens with a compound or complex sentences that uses an adverb to describe action.

Groups will be expected to present their projects to their rest of the class!


9th Lit: Introduction to “Coming of Age”

Working within your small group, please answer the following questions on a poster.

  1. What does it mean to “come of age”? Come up with a unique definition.
  2. According to your group, what is the most difficult part of “coming of age”? What challenges are typical during this part of life?
  3. Which emotion is most associated with the process of “coming of age”?
  4. What are the most important things a person learns when they “come of age”?
  5. Select a narrative (film, music, television, or book) that contains a coming of age theme. How does the story end?
  6. Draw a symbol that is typically associated with “coming of age”. Does it have a negative or positive connotation?

Be prepared to share your findings!

9th Literature: Personality Post – Due Monday, January 14th, 2019.

The project below is designed to reflect on the impact of your personality test and make sure you are accustomed to using and posting on Microsoft 365.

Project Total – 20 writing points:

  1. Please title the post with the four – letter abbreviation of your personality type (ex. ENFJ) (2 points).
  2. In a complete paragraph, please choose an animal and explain how that animal symbolically represents your personality. How does this animal embody one of your strengths? How does it embody your weaknesses? (5 points – 1 per sentence)
  3. Choose an image of your animal from a search engine and insert it into your post (3 points).
  4. In a complete paragraph, please answer the following question: Based on the results of your Meyers-Briggs and Multiple Intelligence surveys, if you could design a classroom to fit only your personality, what would it look like? If you had ultimate freedom to create your own learning environment, what would you include to fit your needs (10 points – 1 per sentence)?

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9th Lit: Conversation Starter

On different sides of your notebook paper, please answer the following questions. Please do not show your answers to anyone!

jim carrey idk GIF

Front Side: Which three qualities are most opposite from what best describes you?

Back Side: What location would you most like to vacation at?

Your job is to locate the individual who answered these questions by asking indirect questions. You may not ask the direct questions above straight up, you may not ask about qualities, and you may not ask about specific locations or countries!

Final Rule: You may only speak to 3 individuals! Choose wisely!