9th Lit – A Letter to My Senior Self

  • Who do you want to be by the time you graduate high school?
  • How are you going to “come of age” throughout high school?
  • What academic goals do you want to achieve by the time you graduate?
  • Are their any social goals do you want to achieve by the time you graduate?
  • What career goals do you want to be working toward by the time you graduate?
  • How do you see yourself contributing to the Pebblebrook community throughout high school?

Be sure to include important letter writing techniques such as a salutation, a closing, and a date!

Once your letter is complete, please seal your envelope and write your name and current address on the letter’s front.

Please write your student ID# across the seal of your envelope!

9th Lit: Unit 1 – “Coming of Age” Vocab Word Associations


Using this list of words, please complete the following activity.

Detailed instructions are after the jump. Be prepared to present your project!



1. If you have not finished defining each term, please do so in your own words.

2. In the second column, record a noun that you believe reminds you of the terms meaning, but does appear in the definition.

3. Select the word and association that you believe is most memorable. Illustrate that association visually on a blank sheet of paper, print the term on the front, and pin it to the Word Wall at the back of the room!