Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

Today’s Activity Flowchart

Today’s Resources:

*Warmup: Introduction to 3×3 Warmups

How to complete your Weekly 3×3 Journal 

This week’s 3×3 Journal Entry Card – 8.17.20

How to Access your Microsoft 365 Account – 3×3 Journal Entries Go In Your OneNote 9th Lit Notebook!

Work Session: “First Day” by Edward P. Jones

Students will need access to their Microsoft OneNote Notebook in order to access the story, read along, complete guiding questions, and prepare to write their short story. This material can be found in the “Class Notes” section of your Microsoft OneNote Notebook.

Writing Prompt: ‘After reading the short story “First Day”, use details from your first day of high school to write a story about your experiences. Use details that highlight your thoughts, emotions, and senses during this experience.’ 

*Closing: Begin Writing Your Short Story, and Prepare to Submit in CTLS 

Completed Short Stories are due by 8/20! Please upload your finished project to your student folder on CTLS!