Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Today’s Activity Flowchart

Today’s Resources:

*Warmup: 3×3 Warmup Work

How to complete your Weekly 3×3 Journal 

This week’s 3×3 Journal Entry Card – 8.17.20

How to Access your Microsoft 365 Account – 3×3 Journal Entries Go In Your OneNote 9th Lit Notebook!

*Work Session: SKI Assessment

Students will be taking the SKI Assessment today in class, in order for Mr. Rossi to measure what information we need to cover in class. Once complete, students will work on their 3×3 Journal Entries and their Short Stories from Tuesday.

*Closing: Turn in 3×3 Journals, & Short Stories. Don’t forget about Summer Reading!

See the “Resources” section on Mr. Rossi’s blog for information. Summer Reading makeup assignments are due 9/11!