Friday, August 28th, 2020

Today’s Activity Flowchart

Today’s Resources:

*Warmup: 3×3 Warmup Choice Board Topic of the week – Theme

Students will have 15 minutes to engage with a piece of media and write a response. 

Work Session: Movie Poster Project 

Students will create a movie poster on that highlights the symbolism, theme, and characters present in Lamb to the SlaughterProject details can be found in the “Project” section of your OneNote Notebook under “Lamb to the Slaughter Movie Poster Project – Due 8/31”.

Description of Project, Important Links, and Exemplar

Part I- Movie Poster (20 points): Using, create a movie poster for Lamb to the Slaughter. Using visual images and text, demonstrate the following features of the story in your poster. Feel free to get creative in how you achieved this!

        • Show the story’s mood – think about color, text, and visuals!
        • Capture the story’s theme – consider working it into your title or tagline!
        • Show a symbol from the story – consider how you use images to build your project!
        • Include actors, actresses, and taglines to build a preview of plot!

When you’re done, make sure your final project is added to your OneNote notebook!

Vintage Black and White Typewriter Poster

Part II – Explanation (10 points): Using details from your poster, write a brief explanation of how your poster aligns with details from the text. Tell us how your project shows the story’s mood, theme, symbols, and plot. Provide at least 7 sentences that explain your choices.

*Closing: Kahoot! Parts of Speech Review

Students will participate in a Kahoot! Challenge in order review the basic parts of speech.